Call REST fails randomly without statuscode or content

Kind souls,   We have encountered a problem with the Call REST Action where it fails randomly but seemingly not due to a failed HTTP call. The call is triggered by a button and works most of the time, but when the error occurs one can simply retry several times (manually at the moment) which causes it to succeed eventually. I.e. the data sent does not seem to be the issue.   We have set up the response handling in a few different ways during our attempts to investigate the issue but currently the REST call returns a string, in a normal case a JSON that gets parsed on expected errors or successes. If the parsing fails, we send the response down another track.   The odd thing is that the REST call step throws an error but there is no status code, indicating that its not the 3rd party that returns a failed HTTP response, i.e. 4xx / 5xx. There is no response content either ($latestHTTPResponse/Content), so it doesn’t seem like I get something else in the response either, like an error page document or similar. Although the parsing step is not the first to fail, the JSON mapping allows null values and should be OK.   The error from the JSON-parsing step, although it is not the first to fail, is the following:   com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException    Variable should not be null         at MyModule.MyMicroflow (Import with mapping : 'Import from JSON')    Advanced stacktrace:    at com.mendix.integration.actions.ImportMappingResult$.$anonfun$mendixValueToStream$1(ImportMappingResult.scala:75)   And as mentioned above both the statuscode and the content from the REST step are null.   In my eyes it seems like the Call REST step fails on some internal Mendix functionality, nothing appears in the app-logs however. Since we have more volume in our production environment the error is usually encountered by its users and we can not reproduce the error on demand. Although Im now leaning towards it being a conincidence, the one time I’ve managed to reproduce the error locally the following error appeared in the app-log (note that it does not appear in the prod-logs):   Client_Auth – The client is not authorized. Request failed with status code 419. Removing token and session.   I hope I’ve included all the information we’ve gathered so far. If you have questions, need clarification or have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this in other ways, please let me know. Any input is greatly appreciated!   Many thanks in advance!
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