showing user task page with deep link, and the link puts in external Email

Hello everyone, I’m designing a URL link to speicifc user task page by deep link. I want to put this URL in external Email, and user can open task page to do something by URL. So far, I have designed a microflow, but I have no idea how to get specific workflowusertask in microflow. My deeplink setting already completed and call below microflow. http://localhost:8080/link/creation/?RequestId=169 I spent a lot time for this case but no luck. Does this way can be done?     Hi Chris, I have tried you provide solution, but the workflowUserTask shows empty. Could you guide me how it get specific WF user task?
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WorkflowUserTask is not modifyable so create a link entity (for example WorkFlowUserTaskLink) with a RequestId in seperate module that hase an association to the WorkFlowUserTask. Find the WorkFlowUserTaskLink with the request Id.


Better use a guid/uuid or a long random string to prevent people guessing that there could be a /link/creation/?RequestId=170 or 171 as well and you end up in the newspaper being hacked.