Display calculated sum

Hi! I am trying to display the sum of a list of numbers on my home page. My Entity has an Attribute with Flight hours. I have a microflow which retrieves this Attribute, calculates the sum, and returns a Decimal (see image below).  How do I display this result on the GUI? I keep getting stuck because the data grid or view requires a return type list or object, which I can’t seem to manage within my microflow.  
2 answers
  1. Create a non persistable entity with an attribute totalHours decimal
  2. Create an object of this entity in the microflow and assignt the totalHours
  3. Add a dataview with datasource: Microflow and use your microflow (for example DS_CalcTotalHours)
  4. Add the totalHour in text with parameters inside the dataview

@Rishabh Shandilya

This is what the microflow looks like now:

And this the create object:

^ This create object activity uses the NPE, and the attribute as member. The value is set on $SumFlight_hrs. Is this correct?


And this is the End Event:

^ This does not return an Object, because I don’t understand how that works.

When I try to make the end event return an object, this happens: (I can’t choose a variable)