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Hi! I have a microflow that returns a decimal, which I want to display on the home page.  The microflow is a follows:   I have created a non-persistable entity with the attribute “TAT”, with the type decimal. The create object within the microflow uses this NPE and the ‘TAT’ and looks like the following:   The End event within the microflow currently looks like this:   This however still returns a decimal. But when I try to change this to an Object the following happens: ^ I am not able to choose the variable.   I also tried to add a text widget to the home page with the caption {1}. This was advised to me. But I don’t know how to continue from here.    I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
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Your dataView on the page is expecting an object, so your microflow needs to return an object of type NP_Flight_data instead of a decimal.

Set the return value to $TAT_Object


Hi Pybe,

I assume you NP_Flight Data is a non-persistent entity,

Now, add an attribute say ‘Count’ of decimal type in the Non-persistent entity and then set the decimal value in the Count attribute that you are returning in the event.

then Set the object as return value,

Now on the page where you want to show the Count, add a data view and put the microflow, that you just created as Datasource, now, 

You will be able to see the attribute on the page.

Let me know, if you have any issues,


Hope it helps!!


I sometimes find I can’t choose what I want in the dialog, but it is still possible to type it in

Try typing $NewNP_Flight_data/TAT into the text box as the return value


This is what I have now:

But as you can see, the dataview still gives an error that the microflow does not return an Object.


I think I am missing something here.