Whats the best way to export data into Excel files/Letters?

A project I’m working on has a couple of requirements that I’m not sure how to fulfill. Namely I need to be able to produce letters for mailings. I can see two options but neither is ideal: Producing an excel file and having the user run a mail merge This can use Excel Exporter module, but Excel Exporter module requires configuration locally for testing, configuration on test environment, AND configuration on production environment, without an option to export/import a configuration Alternatively I could use a data grid and the Export to Excel button, but there’s some more complicated logic than I would want to pull off within a data grid (assuming I even can) Building a letter template, and exporting a giant pdf with all of the letters Issues with this are that it looks more like an invoice than an actual letter you might receive in the mail. Has anyone else dealt with this, can anyone else offer advice?
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If it is for mailing purposes just use the email connector module. It contains templates that you can use for the mails you want to send out. If you want to produce a PDF document you can use the standard document template for that. And in the marketplace you have all kinds of options if you need to create office documents. There a free versions and some are paid. I myself use  TemplaterForMendix. The cost for these are very low and you can then use tokens in any office document.