Referencing a Union List As The Output of An End Event in a Nanoflow

Hello, I am using a nanoflow to create a list for a non-persistable entity called “AreaFilter”, and I would like to reference a unified list that is created in a loop as the output for the end event in my nanoflow.   I also have an entity called “MotorCheckoutTag” that holds motor objects that have “area” as one of their attributes.  I want to get a unique list of “area” values from the MotorCheckoutTag list so that I can use it to filter that entity.   Here is my flow that creates a blank list for the AreaFilter non-persistable entity, creates the first item as “empty” and adds that object to the list, and then starts a loop that looks to see if each MotorCheckoutTag item’s “area” value is in the list or not.  If it isn’t in the list it adds it, if not it moves along.  
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I was using Union actions instead of “Change List” and adding.