Can not parse date

I send a JSON object as API to Mendix with contains 3 dates but the TimestampGoing date always doesn't set the date. The date format is the same and it doesn't go in a log message. This is a example message.                     "timeStampComing": "2023.03.01 16:26:52.074",                     "timeStampGoing": "2023.03.01 16:27:17.949",                     "timeStampAck": "2023.03.01 16:27:24.538"   Is there someone who can see what I am doing wrong?
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At face value, I don't see why Mendix is making a difference between the different dates either.


Catching data from an API and relying on the date type parsing from Mendix can sometimes be hard.

You don't have any control and it's hard to debug.

That's why I sometimes use to load dates (if they are localized f.e.)  in as strings and convert them manually in the Import Mapping.

Maybe that can help?