Debugging Microflow

Hello Folks, I am trying to debug microflows in my project but I couldn’t. What would be the reason ?
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Hello Dinesh,
If microflow is triggered and breakpoint also placed properly then It might be due to the state of the debugger in your studio pro. Please ensure that your debugger is in connect state. You can do it by navigating to Run>Debug


Check out this doc for more details... Debugging Microflows Remotely | Mendix Documentation


Hi Dinesh Kumar

                               To debug microflow you have to set a breakpoint in any of the event and just run your app locally. If the breakpoint is not triggered try to click connect which will be in the same row where you see debugger.

and ensure that the microflow is used in your flow.

I hope it will be useful.


1 thing to add further to all the other valuable answers is: when you set a breakpoint check if it is ENABLED (it glows in RED) only then the program control would stop there.


This is “sense” would come naturally when you start playing with Debugger.


Good luck.