Terms and Conditions

Hi, I’d like to implement a one-time click-accept for terms and conditions when entering the page and clicking on one of the services we offer.   I approached it with a Microflow validating a pop-up with a boolean set to true, but am struggling to figure out how I can make this only pop up once and then “store” this customers response on his/her profile instead of popping up every time they log in.   How can I do this?
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I can think of 1 possible solution.

In your user Entity (or whichever entity that has specialised from user) keep a boolean terms accepted.
When the user logs in you check against it. If false show the popup and on click or accept, for the current user update the DB.


is this something you tried already?


Hi mate    
               Setup a Boolean value to that attribute when the page shows using micro flow check the condition in decision whether the Boolean attribute is true or false.if false show the popup page and change the object to make the attribute value as true then commit. else continues your flow , this will work because it will be saved with the user in the db.

i hope it w