Map a Manager while employee applying the leave

I am trying to create apply leave dashboard where employees apply leaves and manager approves and rejects the leave. I am trying to create functionality where different managers are already created in the system like manager1, manager 2 etc. NOw I want that when employees apply leave, they get the dropdown option to select the manager and then that manager only can see the leaves that has been submitted to him. I am really confused how can I do that. Can any one please guide me step by step or in details how can I do  it please? The domain Model:   Leaves apply dashboard: THe manager Tab below is a dropdown where managers should populate
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Hi Harsh,

Make an association between leave and manager, this way you’ll be able to populate the managers,

Also, this way, it seems more logical,

because multiple leave requests can be associated with a manager, the leave request should be acting as the intermediate entity.


After the association is created, you can use a reference selector and populate all the managers,


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!