Why is my Blocking Show Message in a Sub Microflow not showing?

I have a sub microflow that calls a REST API and added Custom Error Handling with Rollback to it. Upon error, all I get is the standard error message “An error occured, please contact your System Administrator” while an error message with more details should be shown, as you can see in the extracted part of my microflow below.   Initially I ended the Error handler with an End event returning an empty object. That did not make the error message I want to display appear. Changing it to an Error event did also not result in my message being displayed.   What am I doing wrong? How to get my error message display properly?
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Hey Rob,


From my experience, no actions implemented prior to an error event are executed. What I'd do with your current implementation is move your "Show Message" action to the microflow above this one in the custom error handling of where you call this sub microflow. 

But again, make sure to not end in an error on the custom error handling and rather end with a standard end point. That should result in you catching the error from the sub flow and then displaying the message as desired.


It's weird that it wasn't popping up for you when you had it ending in just a regular end point as well. You may want to ensure that you've saved your changes and are executing the most up-to-date version of the code locally.


Hope this helps!