Filter base on Product Category ,Price range and color of product

Hello All, I want to filter a product based on  Product Category ,Price range and color of product Like below image   does anyone know this how to do this ?   
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Hello Chetan,


This can be achievable by maintaining a Master Data of the entities you mentioned and then in the page using a listview to show the details. On the domain model for each entity make sure you have a Boolean created for the checkbox.


For the total items to be displayed on the side you can use an entity with generalization of the main entity and can count based on the conditions in the backend with CAL microflows. Just make sure not to commit this entity which has the total count as it changes dynamically.


This is rather a large question :) which has many features in it.

if you are expecting there is a premade solution for such a thing, I dont think there is any.


But the custom implementation is very well possible.

  1. Figure out the Domain model first (Product, Category, Color, Price)
    1. this should be easy for you to do
  2. Figure out the UI (break the UI into multiple section having the same widget but input is different)
    1. i dont think there is any widget which does this for you out of the box. but a custom widget or pluggable widget is possible
    2. in the widget the challenging parts are
      1. the count of products right next to the category, price, color will be tricky
      2. on select of each filter the product listing could see a performance hit
        1. perhaps widget needs to throttle the selection for optimisation purposes



Hi Chetan,


You can maintain a NPE entity on the top as a helper entity and create the domain model for porduct , price and other filter . 

These filters will be associated with NPE entity so when you doing the filter you will get the selected filter and those you can apply in your microlfow to filter the results based on the selection.