Can we check the user role in decision box if we have the object of Administration.Account .

 Hello guys , I’m noob in Mendix, I  have one question regarding user role. I have created one entity named as ‘TeamMember’ and generalized it with Administration.Account.  I have four  user role ADMIN, HOD, MANAGER, EMPLOYEE. What i want to do is if user select  MANAGER as user role, ADMIN can  assign MANAGER to HOD from list of HOD’s and if user select EMPLOYEE as user role, ADMIN can assign EMPLOYEE to MANAGER from list of MANAGER’s.     To achieve that, I was think to create a microflow which will trigger when we enter in the Assign to reference selector and microflow will check(in decision box) what is the user role selected and then retrieve the list of users accordingly. Is it possible ? 
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Hello Rishabh,


You can have a string that will save the userrole chosen for the user from a microflow run when the userrole is selected.

Then you can have 2 widgets as Assign to and in visibility you can choose it to be visible based on the user role string that is selected. Once it's done on the selectable objects you can restrict which users who have which roles should be visible in the Assign to list.


Please let me know if you need screenshots explaining thisPlease let me know if you need screenshots explaining this


Hi Rishabh Kandari,

                                     In Your case, I think that The Object should go to the Assign to role, In general set selector connects the necessary roles . Which you want to change the useroles just give permission as Admin and you try the method you mention I hope it will works. If worked just let me Know

Thanks in Advance..


hi Rishabh Kandari,

yeah you can , In above microflow you can get current object userrole (Attribute)  from which you can retrieve data for (Assign to )attribute .hope it will be useful