Not showing pop up message on MF used in inbuild workflow

Hello experts,    I am using Inbuild workflow. When the workflow action is triggered the MF will executed. Here at the end I'm having a show message activity in the MF which show some message that " Request approved successful ".   But this message was not shown in the User Interface. I debugged the MF nothing is wrong it's getting executed successfully.    Any ideas why this is happening? Answers are really much appreciated.    Thanks in Advance. 
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Hi Arunkumar,


 The system executes the workflow actions independently of the users executing the task.  So if you have a call microflow action in your workflow the show message action will not work correctly because the workflow is not being executed in relation to a user session.

If you wish to show a feedback message to a user you may need to restructure how your user process takes place.


The change may look something like this:


Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction,

Danny Kumpf