Timeout Period for Loading Bar

Hi, I'm executing a microflow in batches on the server, and as the MF is running, there is the loading bar to indicate the process is ongoing.  From the logs, we can see that the Queries took more than 60-400 seconds to complete.  On Client end, there is an error pop up message shown. I was wondering if the error is related to the timeout period of the loading bar as there are no Error logs shown.  Where can I find the timeout period of it? As I don't see any settings. Note: the loading bar is the set on the On Click Action – Show a Microflow. 
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The progress bar is probably set to synchronous and this will time out and return the error to the client.

Set the progress bar to async to keep showing the bar until the process has finished as this will poll for the end of the action. 

Not sure what the standard timeout is on a synchronous progress bar.