I want to get information about an entity in a microflow.

Hello! I'm trying to get information about entities created in the domain model in a microflow right now. I know that I am using Retreve, but I am not sure how to get the Entity information from it. My question is twofold. (1) Can we use Microflow to get the Entity information? (2) What is the specific method? Best regards
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Good day,


Not completely sure what you want to achieve but if you just want to see the information on n entity. Just build a page with a list view on. then pull that data from the database into the listview. 


If you want to see what entity a retrieve is using just right click on the retrieve action and select go to entity.


If you want to see what content a microflow is using from the entity you will have to debug the microflow. To do that add a breakpoint on the retrieve and when running the app on your local action the microflow and view the variables when the break point gets triggered.




Hello Daichi Miyuki, first you have to add the data to the entity so that create the overview and new edit page and add the required data to the entity. Then create the microflow and use retrieve activity with all. or you can add a list parameter at above the microflow and add the your entity. Trough this method you can get the entity details in microflows.