Microflow for AnyChart dynamic data

I would like to create a column chart with the help of AnyChart viewer, but I don't know how to pass parameters with the help of microflow with json, so that they are displayed dynamically depending on the value of attribute parameters. I would like to download a list with all football clubs, then iterate through this list and list how many yellow and red cards a particular club got. I was able to do something similar in BasicChart, but I would like to be able to configure the chart more.   I tried to do it according to the documentation, but the chart does not appear.
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Hi Adam,


Firstly, if your chart does not appear, make sure the that the chart mode is set to ‘Production’.

You can build your AnyChart chart in various ways. You can either use the export mapping approach (as per the docs) or you can build the JSON string yourself. Checkout the simple example on Plotly’s documentation here: Bar charts in JavaScript (plotly.com)

Just bear in mind that the example given is not in a JSON format and you should convert it as such.


In addition to above comments below are few poins that need to be taken care:-


  • Try not using export mapping for JSON creation(If too many charts are available on page) instead create JSON string by yourself.
  • Use https://chart-studio.plotly.com/feed/ portal to get the sample data for your experiments.  Additionally you can tweak data in chart studio to play around with charts.