Show/Hide configuration Functionality on data grids and navigation bar

Hi All, hope everyone is doing well. I need one small help from you guys that I want to implement Show/Hide button on data grids and Navigation bar as part of my application. So, please help me to achieve this.   FYR, I am attaching some screenshots of it to how I want it to be. As I have shared the picture above, I want to implement that functionality in my application for    Data Grids and    Navigation bar and  Navigation Bar Sub menu items   If You guys do any Favour in this, then it will be very useful for me.   Thanks in advance  
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Hi Tirupati,


For the datagrid you need to use datagrid 2 widget which you can download with the Data Widgets Module. Then you can achieve this with a extra attribute or a non persistable entity with a boolean. Use a button to call a microflow that changes the value. And have the content you want to show/hide have conditional visability set to that boolean. You can place a dataview in a datagrid 2 widget to achieve this.


Not sure if you can make a show/hide button for menu items unless you make it from scratch. Maybe make a settings menu for this? Here you can choose which menu items are visable for you.