how to keep history of record when data calculating through microflow in non-persitable entity

Hello all, I have implemented a custom search functionality and in same microflow I am calculating the incentive amount for employee based on their years completion in organization. For that I have used non-persistable entity. And directly add the microflow on page. So whenever page get loads all details should get calculate and visible on the page. But now user also want to keep the history of employees incentive. I created persistable entity and added all the objects to that new entity but problem in every time page get loads and multiple objects get created for single record. And I am not understanding how to implement or resolve this. Please give some idea on it. Thanks in advanced  
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Hi Priyanka, 


is there a way you can identify unique objects? For example based on currentuser or currentday?

You can add a subflow to your microflow in which you check if the object already exists (based on the unique identifiers). If the object exists return that to the main flow, otherwise create the object and return that.