Import Mapping not working with a Rest Response

I am currently working on connecting an API to my app. The API is very bare bones so I have to generate the json data for it. I have been able to get that generated properly and can see the proper response in Postman. When connecting it up in a Microflow I have been using a REST (POST) call and I am wanting to be able to pull the response out from a successful request. Currently I am unable to get my import mapping to fill out the fields I have connected with my domain model. I can test that this request makes it through successfully and it creates a response but the import mapping is not working.   This is a bit of a weird API as I am sending it a POST request but it is giving me data back like a GET request. I am unable to share any of the data as it is personal data with my work.   EDIT: I have been able to narrow down where the issue is coming from but still need help on how to work around this issue.  This image is using Postman, in this image you can see part of the response I get back from this POST request. The issue is thrown from the “UserRequest::145115”. I am using this full request as my JSON_Structure for my Import Mapping and since the number at the of the “UserRequest” will change based on the ticket number entered in, the import mapping will only return data back if the ticket number matches exactly to what I have in my JSON_Structure. Does anyone know how to work around this? I have tried just deleting the “::14115” off of the end of the JSON_Structure but the import mapping still returns back empty.
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Hi Nathan,


If you can debug the microflow where the REST activity is you may be able to get more specific error information about what is going wrong.  Be sure that you have put custom error handling on your REST activity(or import mapping activity if you are doing it outside of the REST activity) so that when it does fail, you can check the latestError system variable for more details about what went wrong.

Hope this helps