How to get a List of Words from a String

I am currently trying to split a JSON response and pull the data in need from it. Here is an example of what my JSON response looks like:  {"objects":{"UserRequest::145115":{"code":0,"message":"","class":"UserRequest","key":"145115","fields":{"ref":"R-145146"}},"UserRequest::126068":{"code":0,"message":"","class":"UserRequest","key":"126068","fields":{"ref":"R-126069"}}},"code":0,"message":"Found: 2"} I currently have my microflow to run the loop based on the number of response returned which in this response is 2. I am needing it to return a list of all the “ref” numbers. I can currently only it to return the first number twice (“R-145146”). I am using two finds, the first one to find “ref” and the second one to find “}}”. And then I substract the difference between the two and use that with a substring to get my first “ref” number. I am unable to figure out how to get the location start to work properly with the find.   Before anyone asks me why I am not using an import mapping please visit my other question here: Because of how the response is generated, I can not properly use the import mapping so I am stuck with trying to parse through the full JSON response to pull the data into my domain model.
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