Generating a list of products with a certain date.

Hi,   I'm new to this, so I need a little help generating a list of products. I have an entity that contains id, date, price, and type.  How can I generate a list that contains only products that contain a date that I have previously selected from some date picker or something else, easier, if you have any recommendations.   For example. List containing only products with date 15/05/2023. I needed this to be able to do the sum of the products with the selected date.     Thanks in advance.
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Hi Predrag,

You can do this through a microflow,

Use a retrieve activity, and then pass the date as XPath constraint, and retrieve all the products for that particular date. Now, if you want to have a sum, then you can use an AGgregate list operation.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!