Movie loop iterator displaying multiple show message boxes?

New Mendix dev here…   I have a page that displays movies with movie information like title, release date, genre and synopsis... I created a popup button that initiates a show message popup when the user clicks(highlights) the film and then clicks on the button.  I was trying to create an interaction in which the user adds to the list of films, highlights the film, clicks on the button and the info message pops up....   In order to achieve this, i created a microflow, added the retrieve item to retrieve the lists from the database, passed the retrieve action into a loop that consists of movie iterator that is using a "for each item" loop....  Whats happening is when the user clicks on the button, the show message pops up but the messages are coming up for the number of films in the list.  For example; if I have 4 films entered onto the page, I highlight one film and hit the button, that films info box comes up 4 times..... Where am I going wrong?  
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No need to retrieve anything here, you have the selected movie as an input parameter available here. You only need the message activity and use the 'Movie' parameter to show the attributes of the selected Movie.