Debugger is not running

The debugger is not working. I’ve reloaded an app to check it again, but still there are no advancements   
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Hi Vladyav  Zaikin,

               * I thought so you have added break point properly. 

               *If you doesn’t aware about breakpoint just right click you can able to see Add Breakpoint add that in appropriate activity.

               *If you added break point correctly but still microflow doesn’t trigger then see the console.

                *From your console I can able to see that there is some security or access is not given correctly for anonymous user. 

                *On change action, there some error occurred kindly check your console.




From what I can see is that you have the debugger connected but you have to add something called a break point to the microflow that you want to debug. Right click on the first microflow activity in your microflow and then click on add break point in the options list. Make sure the red dot the break point creates is full and it should then work.