Can the value entered by the user in the input box of a page be used as a condition for filter filtering within the microflow?

Hello teachers, I would like to use the values entered by users in the input box of a page as the filtering criteria for the filter in the microflow. Can this be achieved? As shown in Figure 1, the input box is above, and the button is the button that triggers the microflow. The microflow is shown in Figure 2, and there is a Filter data filtering operation in the microflow (see Figure 3 for specific content). Can I filter the values (variables) entered by the user in the input box in Figure 1? If possible, how can I proceed in detail? Looking forward to your answers!!!
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Hi there,


you can use the input of a user to filter the list you are retrieving.


My below microflow filters by using the input parameter from this form:



I used an Xpath constraint to limit the objects being retrieved (Transaction objects in this case) where the employee name matches the transactions:



You can then return the list of objects at the end event to use how you wish.


Hope this helps,