How to upload multiple images of one product?

  I'm working on an e-commerce application. I want to have a product detail page with multiple images of a single product. There will be two sections on that page. One will contain an image along with the product description. The second section needs to be hidden by default. When a user clicks on an image in the first section, the second section will expand with images related to that product. Can someone help me with this? How to upload multiple images of a single product and how to build this use-case? What logic should be apply for build this page?    
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Hello Swagatika,

Please follow the steps;

  1. Create ProductDetails entity and ProductImages entity.
  2. Associate both the entity with one-many association where ProductImages is many.
  3. Create generalization for ProductImages with System.Images.
  4. Now create edit page to upload image where in reference selector you can select your product.
  5. Now to view the images you can use list view / gallery / Template view.

Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.