Display data affected by microflow as it runs

I have a microflow that takes about 10 minutes to run. As it runs it creates some entities and I would like it to display this data ON the page as the entities are created. It doesn’t seem to be working. I have an entity with just one string attribute that is associated to the account entity. As the microflow goes through each loop it creates an entity in each loop and adds text to a the string and sets the account to the current user account. When I click the button below to execute the microflow, I have a template grid that is set to refresh every 3 seconds with this new entity set as the data source via association to the account.  I was hoping that since the microflow settings are asynchronous and non blocking and that the template grid refreshes every 3 seconds, I’ll start seeing these entities populated while the microflow runs, but that isn’t the case. Is there a way to do this correctly?
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Can you please provide photos for the microflow and the domain model.