Regular Expression for [ ] square brackets

Hi I am trying to include a regular expression check a string value inputted by a user. Allowed characters are : “ £ $ € % & * ( ) – + [ ] A-Z a-z À-ÿ 0-9 Almost everything! Characters can appear in any form Currently in my decision I have : isMatch($Product/Description, '^[a-zA-ZÀ-ÿ0-9.\s&/()"%-+]*$\[\]\^\|]')   It fails when the description is: Chocolate [36 pk]   I have spent hours online trying to figure this out and no joy! Thank you in advance :)  
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Update: Regex and link updated to handle € and £ as they were missing from the original answer


Give this a try




You can test it out using this link. It does escape a couple of characters such as “ and / .

I hope this helps.