Comparing values of attributes of 2 different entities

I have created two Non-persisting entity named OTP and Random each containing a single attribute respectively. I am generating a Random number and storing its as an object in entity Random. I am taking input of the OTP from the user through a data view and when the user clicks on Submit button, it should give a message saying if the OTP is correct or not upon checking the condition : OTP = Random .   How do I do that in a microflow using if statement.   Imp : Random no has been already stored and upon entering the OTP and clicking submit, the Microflow needs to be triggered to display the desired message.  
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Hi Abdur,

you can use the decision box, and then in the decision box, you can compare the two values, and then, from the decision box, you can determine what should be done for either the true or false flow,

and for showing pop-up message, you can use a show message activity.

let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!!!