Any chart Onclick action on click of plot

Hi Everyone, I am trying use events in Anychart onclick microflow. but while debugging, I am not able to trigger. I need to develop the onclick functionality for graph. Onclick of the plot, I need to show some page. but not able to trigger. Kindly suggest me if there is any way to implement. Thanks in advance.  
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Hi there,


You can configure your on-click event using the ‘Event’-tab of the widget as shown below:


You do need a helper entity, which will write some data to the selected attribute (in this case it is $AnyChartOnClickHelper/RawData). You can then in the microflow microflow open your desired page.

You can read more on what data is passed here: Click events in JavaScript (

Also ensure that your user role has access to the on-click micro- or nanoflow.