deeplink generated url does not redirects to selected page on click.

Hi  I am using deeplink to generate url for forget password page so that user is redirected to change password page with link received on email.  I have modified microflow which sends an eamil on click of forget password. This is image of microflow which sends deeplink generated url.   This is create deeplink object   This is retrieve list which is use to retrieve a particular microflow   This is show page microflow now on click of url generated by deeplink it shows this page. this is microflow i have selected for default home page Please let me know if any other information is required ​​​​​​​Thanks
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I think the solution lies in the url that you created for the deeplink, this should read something like:

localhost:8085/link/<name> etc. The issue is now probably that the url now ends up pointing to an unknown page. See documentation here: