how to display list of data in Reference selector return by microflow.

Can someone help me how to display data in reference selector return by microflow. What i did was in selectable object i select Microflow as Source but in attribute section it’s not showing any attribute to select.
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Hi Rishabh


Could it be that your reference selector is not placed within a data view with some valid associations which it can use to display data? A reference selector displays information of an associated entity, so therefore you need to put it in a data view and reference the associated entity. You can find more information here: 


The selectable objects pane only restricts the items you can select from that associated entity. For example, I have an entity of ‘fruit’ put as the reference entity, and I create a microflow in selectable objects which returns a list of ‘banana, orange and strawberry’ objects which I can select.


Please let me know if this solves your issue.


Hi Rishabh,

you can call a microflow in Reference selector and you can return the list to it.

Eventhough if the data is coming from API, you can handle that in microflow and a list can be returned to it


Check the below link for reference: