Use microflow as data source ASYNCHRONOUSLY

Hello! I have a list view which is populated by a microflow, which fetches its data from an API. Is there any way to do this asynch? Do not want to have the users waiting for the page to load to have the data...
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Hello Vasco Lobo Branco,

I am not sure about calling microflow async as a DS, but you can achieve the usecase in some ways.

  1. Have a refresh button, that calls a microflow/nanoflow and refresh the object in client side.
  2. Use template grid instead of list view which will allow to set refresh time in seconds (async).
  3. Open the page via nanoflow and make a loop that will refresh object every time it is triggered automatically.


Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.


Hi Vasco Lobo Branco,

If you have large amount of data to display you can set the microflow as asynchronous.