Delaying widget execution

Hi, I have list view with templates for different specializations and microflow as DS. Inside the list in one of the templates i have custome dropdown widget, that has DS microflow for default value and value list. Those two microflows use as parameter value from DS microflow of list view. Now the DS microflows are called in the same time and widget is not working properly. Is there a way to call this widget after loading complete list view? Or after one second? Widget Dropdown Container has option to not render close content and its working, but on UI it looks terrible, because it is widget inside widget: I’m looking for something like that, to render widget and run microflow after whole page is loaded, but to not mess with UI.
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Hi Mateusz Węglarz,

in the forum, I found a question similar to yours give a look at it.

It suggests to use a dataviewload with a microflow timer.


let me know if it work :)