How to fix below error when use new version v2.0.0 of OIDC Jabil Customization module

Problem :  when download new version v2.0.0 of OIDC Jabil Customization module to my project, show below error, anyone know how to fix it   error 1: 1CE1613The selected placeholder 'app_content.Jabil_Default_Login.Main' no longer exists.Property 'Parameter' of content for placeholder 'Main'Page 'Login_Jabil'Jabil_Okta_Custom error 2: 3CE1613The selected entity 'Jabil_Administration.JabilUser' no longer exists.Property 'Entity' of create object activity 'Create'Microflow 'UserProvisioning_JabilOktaDev'Jabil_Okta_Custom screen shot as below  
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Hi ShiCheng,


both erros have to do with stuff getting renamed or removed in the newer version of the module you downloaded into the project.


The first two errors have to do with a layout that is renamed or deleted. Your app can’t find it anymore. You need to navigate to the pages and select a different layout template.


The third error indicates that the entity “JabilUser” is renamed or deleted in the “Jabil_Administration” module. You need to check if it’s renamed or deleted and adjust the creation of the user accordingly.