How does Mendix handle two microflows that are triggered (almost) simultaneously?

I have an object on a page with an on-change microflow on a text field and a microflow on button. Both act on the same object(s). Currently there is a blocking progress bar on the OCh MF. If the user triggers this OCh MF and immediately afterwards clicks on the button (while the OCh MF is still running), the MF on the button won't actually be triggered. This causes confusion.  I wonder what would happen if I remove the blocking progress bar from the OCh MF on the text field?  I am looking for a way to ensure that the the OCh MF (that is triggered first) finishes before Mendix executes the MF on the button (triggered last). But while allowing the user to click the button while the OCh MF is still running. Since both MFs act on the same object(s), I want to avoid data corruption.  Any ideas?
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Hey Joël,


Cool question – when the first microflow is triggered, it locks the object that you're working with. Once the transaction is complete, the object will be free for the following microflow.


The on change on a text field is tricky, mainly because every single time the user changes that field, the microflow will be triggered. What are the two flows achieving specifically? I'm curious about the choice to do this.



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