How to export all the record in excel sheet if some data is empty

Hi all , I am facing issue with excel export. for example I have a two entities Entity one-name,add,age  and Entity Two: height weight fields and both entities has association in between. In entity one and and two name, add, height are the mandatory fields. But if for any record non-mandatory fields are empty then it will not export that record. And I want to export that record also. How to do this. Can anyone guide me?   Thanks
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Hi Priyanka,


You want to export the data to Excel as one Worksheet with 5 Columns (name, add, age, height, weight). In that case, I would create a non-persistent entity with those 5 Attributes, fill it using a microflow, and trigger the export from that microflow.


In your current way of working, you only make an export if that association exists.


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