Run an action on a specific cluster node (without polling)

Hi. There’s a service in our app that is started by the ASU_ microflow. Sometimes I want to restart the service without restarting the app.   When I click an action button, the microflow is executed on a random app instance. If I put the microflow into a Task Queue it’s also executed on a random instance. But my goal is to run a microflow either on all instances or on a specific instance (when I know the instance id).   The first thing that comes to mind is to constantly Retrieve some Entity from DB and check if the retrieved instance contains new instructions, but I don’t like wasting resources because most of the time nothing needs to be executed.   The second idea is to let one instance call a REST service on another instance. However, our Mendix app runs in k8s and containers don’t even have unique IP addresses (some routing magic). The app instances can only communicate using DB.
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