Issue with empty list in list view

Hello,   I am currently working on Mendix 9.24.3. In my project I have a list view with microflow as source. The microflow returns a list of a specific variable that can possibly be empty. I added a ‘decision’ block to test whether it is empty or not. In the first case, I return an empty list of this variable and in the latter I return the no empty list containing all the returned variables.  When the list is empty, I have this error :  An error occurred while executing microflow data source for widget <the name of the listView>: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'hash')  I also have this error in an other dataview.   Do you have any idea how I could solve this ? Thank you !
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Hey Sofian,


Is it possible to test this with a breakpoint?


Depending on the size of the list you're retreiving, this is what I would do: use my data source flow first as a subflow to return a boolean (isListEmpty) in a helper object and show an alternative message for users. If it's not empty, then I call the data source flow a second time to show the contents of the list.


Good luck with the error!


I encountered this same issue. In my case, it was related to an object that I retrieved from storage. When I tried to use this object in a combobox within a snippet and a template grid, Mendix threw this error. To solve the first case, it was only necessary to remove the snippet and use it directly on the page. For the second case, it was necessary to commit this non-persistent object.