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Hello I have a list in mendix with different values in the column 'Name'. Depending on which name is in the column, the record of the table (with value val and timestamp) should be written into an entity. This already works for one name, but I want all names to be returned in the microflow (e.g. as a list). For the one name I first filtered on the name in the query, then on the highest timestamp. I then return this list And how do I do this for all the different values of name so that they are returned simultaneously (e.g. also in a list)?  
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Hi Sophia,


There are two options that you can use:

  1. The first option is to create a list (UniqueNames), you loop through all Name and use a find to see if the ItterName is in the UniqueNameList list, if so, continue, if not add the name to the UniqueNames list. Then, loop over the UniqueNames List and do as you did with the your example. To create a list of them, create a List like NameResultList in the beginning and add the found Name to this list and return that one.
  2. Use OQL to perform the list in one query. https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/oql/
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Does that work to return all different values for name in a list?

I created a list of a different entity in which i named the attributes according to the different values, I then added a loop and went with the find operation over the list entries. Then I wanted to add the found column rows to a list. I therefore used the created list but i get the following error:

That is my whole Microflow:

How can I solve this problem?