Show last Wizard Page after Leaving (Session anonymous User)

Hello Community, I am developing a web form in which an anonymous user enters values in a wizard (5 pages). I would like to implement the following requirement: Example: The anonymous user is on page 3, if he now calls another page in the browser URL (eg he leaves Mendix App, if he then clicks on the arrow (Back), the user should land back on page 3 and can simply continue the journey.   I had the following idea: 1) associate the entity "web_form" with the System.Session.  2) add an enum attribute (1,2,3,4,5,6) "last_Page" to the entity "web-formular"  when entering a new wizardpage the enum will be adjusted (e.g. page 4 -> enum attribute = 4) 3) Default homepage for anonymous user, in which a microflow retrieves the "web-form" object via the $currentSession – session association: - if not present create New "web-form" Enum value = 1, show page 1 - If available check which enum-value is stored and then call the corresponding page.    Unfortunately the MF always creates a new "web-form" the session seems to restart on every visit. Anyone have an idea how I can implement the requirement instead?
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