Disable button or prevent microflow from execution if its already running

Hi! I have a microflow that generates an excel export and would like to prevent it to be run a few times in parallel as it's quite heavy. The final button on the pop up that actually triggers this microflow is disabled, but users can close the pop up and request another report if they wished using a different button (which opens a pop up for date selection). So my question is: what would be the best way to go about it? Maybe I could set a flag on user entity or session but is it a good practice? Also I tried disallowing concurrent execution, but it works for all users and I don't want it. I need it to be disabled only for one user while other users should be able to download a report. 
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Quite a requirement this :)

I am assuming your Exporting button is in a dataview. So what if this button is put inside another dataview with a context object that is from an entity that is related to the parent dataview?

In that case you can draw an association from this helper entity to the user/account entity and then control this via access rules?

Does this kind of put you in a the right direction? let me know.