if expression in nanoflow not being evaluated

I have an application with a nanoflow that takes an entity as input, calculates a couple of values from one of its numeric attributes (something like $SomeEntity/SomeAttribute * 2 and $SomeEntity/SomeAttribute + 125) and assigns the smaller of them to another numeric attribute in the same entity. The expression for setting the target value looks like: if $FirstValue < $SecondValue then $FirstValue else $SecondValue Here is how the nanoflow looks like: This nanoflow handles the change event of a text input in a page. After the target attribute (and its associated text input) takes the new value, the source input is disabled. The nanoflow is also called by two other nanoflows. Now, one of the end users has reported that the conditional calculation is not working, and the target attribute only takes the first conditional value. I know that the nanoflow is running, because the target input changes after changing the source input, even if the value is not the one expected, but it fails at calculating the second value or at running the if expression. The nanoflow itself looks correct, and it works as expected in my local deployments. What might be causing this situation? I have tried adjusting user roles and permissions, but I haven’t reproduced the problem yet. In the meanwhile, I added a Log activity to help me debug this issue (remote debugging is not an option because of the Mendix version this app was made with), but I would love to hear suggestions.
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 Put synchronize activity after change activity and try once.