Displaying the contents of a list

I pass an object of entity student_, and a list - list of student_ entity to java action in my microflow.   what the java action does is, it has an input json string, a list of students, it iterates over them, extracts details and assigns values to the input of entity type student_, adds the modified student_entity to the list of students.  input json string:   java code   Questions 1. When I display student name of the entity student_, it displays the required name (show message at the end of the loop). So it means, the elements of the list after the execution of java action is not empty and are actual elements of type student_ and have values in them right? 2. I want to display all the elements of the list, in a page like name: William grade: 6  … name: Samuel grade: 8 How to achieve this? Please help asap
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I think you would be better looking at using a Mendix Import Mapping. This is the usual way to import JSON data into Mendix entities.


You can also find a tutorial in the Crash Course in the Mendix Academy.

Once you have this data, you can show it using a Data Grid on a page.

Good luck!