In nanoflow/microflow, how to parse JSON string into an object?

In my project,  I need to scan a QR code with a mobile phone. The string that QR code encoded is an JSON string. So after the QR code is scanned, I need to transform the JSON string into an object. I have created the Domain Model, JSON structure, import mapping. But in the nanoflow, how to parse the JSON string into an object? The Mendix Studio Pro version is 10.0.0
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You could approach this two ways

  1. Call a microflow from the nanoflow and pass the JSON as parameter. Do your mapping to a non-persistent object and return the object. (the user needs to be online for this approach to work)
  2. Use the nanoflow rest client to handle the mapping. The mapping works a little different than the import mapping in a microflow, but you won’t have to call the server with this approach.