Counting Boolean

I have 6 different boolean in my entity.  I created checkboxes for every one of them on a page. Then, I tried to make a validation microflow. I want to continue validation when 2 of these 6 checkboxes total are true. If all are false, or 1 or more of 2 are true, an error message should be returned. I tried using "count" to compare the number of true but it didn't work. How can I solve this? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Ayberk,


there are different options for solving this.


You could for example build something like this as a validation microflow:


Hope this helps!





Count only works as object list operation, while you want to count attributes.


As far as I know, it isn't possible to count the true values of attributes in the same entity.


  1. your booleans are answers on a question right? If this is not static, but a dynamic list of questions, I would convert a questions per attribute to an object per question. thus a question list. In that case its easy to filter the true answered questions and count that list.

    If my assumption is wrong then;
  2. Create a validation microflow:
    And replace the boolean variable with an integer variable, and add one up each time when a boolean attribute is set to true. At the end of the microflow you can return true when integer is >=2 otherwise return false

Hope this helps.