Iterating over attributes of an object

Hi all,   I am comparing two instances of the same object. When there is a difference in between the two, I create a log entry for Admins to see what changed. In the microflow, I am doing this by repeating the same structure for each attribute: “if $ObjectA/Attribute1 = $ObjectB/Attribute1 then … “, “if $ObjectA/Attribute2 = $ObjectB/Attribute2 then … “, etc.   This works but I have a LOT of attributes, so it gets tedious, and I was wondering if there is a way to iterate over the the attributes of the object? Any ideas are welcome.   Thanks!
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Hi Andres,


I'm afraid there's no looping over attributes and only objects, you'll have to manually compare all values of ObjectA and ObjectB. Luckily, you can copy-paste a lot and then just change the attribute names.


Hope this helps!