PUT and Patch methods in Rest Api

Hi All, I have one scenario and for that I have to implement Put and patch method.  Suppose I have 2 applications App1 and App2. In App1, I have employee data and I am sending that data to App2 through rest api. But in App2, If someone change the status of employee data that should automatically reflected in App1 so for this How should I implement put and patch method for publish and consume the employee data? How to construct the microflow for this method in both application?
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Hi Madhura,

You can either use a put or a post call also, and using that, you can publish a rest service from APP 1 and then, consume it in APP 2 and, in the payload you can send the data of the employee and then change it there in APP1 by retrieving the same by employee id.

Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!