Is it possible to call a loop in parallel for each member of loop and then combine there output sequentially ?

Hi All,  I have a scenario in one of our application where we built a calendar like view by adding HTML tags to a class in a microflow to display some data year and month wise, here the numbers of years can be selected dynamically based on that the view is created. We run a loop for each year selected and then a sub loop for each month of the year and create string variable with HTML tags with all the required value. For the current year the whole process takes around 8 to 10 sec to complete, but as the number of year increases the performance is degraded and most of the time it throws timeout exception. Is there any way I can iterate the loop parallelly for each member of loop create individual HTML and then combine then sequentially to render the HTML on screen. Here we have used Data Source Nano flow, inside we have used a sub microflow which gives us the String HTML then we have used JavaScript action to append that HTML on screen. Thank You.
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