How to use multiple return values?

hi there, we are using a sub microflow to create a client. a client can have multiple contacts, and addresses.     we are now implementing api's to populate the client addressbook from other software.   most of the API is relatively ‘flat’ but our domain model uses lots of little entities.   I can use the input in a sub microflow, but how do I return multiple values to add to the list to commit, which is outside of the sub microflow?   I hope my question makes sense :D     
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You will need to return a single entity from the microflow. You can associate the other objects to this entity in the microflow, so you can simply retrieve them from the returned entity outside the microflow.

Hope this helps.



  • either use a HelperEntity, which you use as return variable, like this (may be *-* if you need multiple items). Upside: as little as possible input parameters and technically restricted to contain just one object per association. Downside: ugly domain model.

  • Or use input lists as parameter like this. Upside: clean created lists instead of retrieves in containing microflow and no ugly domain model. Downside: May result into a lot of input parameters.